Thursday, May 3, 2012


A college student goes to a friend's house to get high, then sleeps it off there.  Big deal.  It's dumb to get high, but at least the kid didn't overdose or drive.

Unfortunately, drug enforcement agents raid the house before he leaves, picking him and a crapload of drugs up.  Bummer for the kid.  Lesson learned, right?

Oh, this lesson will never be forgotten.

Kid gets thrown in a holding cell, still cuffed...for FOUR DAYS.  Without food or water.,146361

The incident stands out as one of the worst cases of its kind, said Thomas Beauclair, deputy director of the National Corrections Institute, a federal agency that provides training and technical assistance to corrections agencies.

"That is pretty much unheard of," he said, noting that, in his 40-year career, he has heard of instances where people were forgotten overnight but not for days.
"One of the worst cases of its kind...instances where people were forgotten overnight but not for days."  What?!?!?!!!  These are human beings.  It's not like you accidentally locked the cat in a room as you were going to bed.  You processed these people, for Pete's sake.  At least, I hope you did.  This is not like walking out of the office and forgetting to grab your coat.

Heads better roll, and $20 million is a bargain.  Pay up and pay the doctor's bills.  Five days in a hospital with kidney failure is not cheap.  Or fun.

I'm curious, though.  They grabbed 9 people.  What happened to the other 8 people?  Why did Mr. Chong get left to die?

One bit of advice for Mr. Chong--your friends suck, too.  Find some new ones.  At least some friends that would figure out where the hell you went for 4 days after getting arrested, even if they're not smart enough to convince you not to get high.