Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ah Wisconsin

We Minnesotans have been looking askance at our easterly neighbor, recently.  It seems the state is going through some sort of mid-life crisis.  You know, that time in a person's life when a massive influx of stupid and selfish seems to coincide with the fear of irrelevancy?

Well, two legislators in Wisconsin have just outdone themselves with the stupid part.  Apparently, these heroic legislators have brought to light that single parenthood causes child abuse and neglect.  Yep.  It CAUSES child abuse.  And these two geniuses (a word clearly used ironically) have found it necessary to legislate based on this "fact."

Check out Wisconsin Senator Grothman  and Representative Pridemore's lovely bill:

Perhaps it hasn't occurred to these two legislators that correlation and causation are two different things, and a correlation is not a good reason to codify religious belief.  Of course, these guys are not speaking with any sort of authority.  I can find no evidence that Sen. Grothman (about Grothman) even has a family, or that either (about Pridemore) has any experience that might suggest he knows what he's talking about when it comes to families and child abuse and neglect.

If one wishes to follow the type of logic that resulted in the drafting of this ridiculous bill, one can make all kinds of ridiculous statements.  For example, Senator Grothman and Representative Pridemore are Republicans.  Senator Grothman and Representative Pridemore have their heads up their asses.  Therefore, being a Republican is the cause of Sen. Grothman's and Rep. Pridemore's cases of recto-cranial inversion.  We should have the state pay for public service announcements warning people to refrain from becoming Republicans.

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