Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Mommy Wars"

It seems that the purpose of both political parties in this country is to whip their respective sympathizers into a frenzy over nothing, and the media's job is to facilitate the madness.

The latest firestorm has been dubbed the "Mommy Wars," which is even more insulting than the original snafu. 

The exchange started this way:

Mitt Romney has been using his wife to reach out to women voters.  Ok.  That's fine.  He has no idea what it's like to be a woman.  That being said, SHE has no idea what it's like to be your AVERAGE woman because she has never had to provide for her family economically.

Ann Rosen pointed this out.  Of course, what we're reading in the headlines and the spin machines is, "His wife has actually never worked a day in her life."  (Et tu, Christian Science Monitor?)

That, in itself, would have been insulting.  But, it wasn't by itself.

She stated, "His wife has actually never worked a day in her life.  She's never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of women in this country are facing."

Which, of course, is true.  Ann Romney being the face of the modern American woman is like Marie Antoinette being the face of the French (though, to be fair, it probably wasn't Marie Antoinette that said "let them eat cake.")

Ann Romney has not had to wonder how she will both feed her kids and make sure that she can afford to.  In fact, Mrs. Romney's charitable work seems to mostly revolve around talking and money, not so much the hands-on approach that might provide a little insight into how "the other half" lives.

That being said, it's unfortunate that Ms. Rosen's two sentences (well, one, really) are being used as weapons.  We certainly shouldn't denigrate women who make the choice to remain at home to care for their children.   Quite frankly, it is a hard job--just ask your mom.  It's also hard to choose to work, even if you absolutely must, because of the guilt many women feel (and are often forced to feel) for doing so.

BUT...given that many, many, MANY women simply don't have that choice, whether they would make it or not, it is not out of line to point out that, not only is Mitt out of touch with the common man, but Ann is no great substitute for being in touch with the common woman.


  1. I agree. It is unfair to attack a woman for being a stay-at-home mom. Attack her for being out of touch with the economic issues facing most women - sure. But unless a nanny raised her kids, she DID work more than one day in her life!

  2. I agree that she did work, but it's clear that that's not what was meant by Ms. Rosen. She meant that Ann Romney never had to be employed. It's clear when taken into context, but it seems that even the "liberal" media and the Dems are happy to take it out of context.